Alexander Hellene


Heroes and Villains II: So You Want to Be a Hero

The Introduction Who writes your stories is just as important as who is in them. Do you think soft, armchair-theorizing men who have had little experience with life, who have small and shriveled characters, and no spiritual inclinations can craft bracing, exciting, meaningful, and purposeful stories that inspire? Or are our stories written by spiteful …

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Withering Touch

Withering Touch. 7th-level necromancy. Classes: cleric, sorcerer, warlock, wizard. Casting Time: 1 action. Range: touch. Components: Verbal, Somatic. Duration: instantaneous. You touch a creature and its flesh instantly putrefies, rots, and sloughs off, leaving it crippled. The target must succeed a Constitution saving throw or its Strength and Constitution scores are each reduced by 1d6. …

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Anti-Humanism, Part I: Depopulation Blues

SHIT! The Musical a review by Marissa Putnam, New York Times “Shit. It’s everywhere. In the air you breathe. In the water you drink. Yes, you’re full of it. And not just metaphorically.” Thus begins Rudolph Eisenberg’s newest Broadway production, SHIT! The Musical Based on his well-received documentary of the same name released last year, …

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