Alexander Hellene


When Cringe Was King, or Don’t Romanticize the Nineties, Part III

The 1990s are back, baby! 16-bit videogaming! Geroge Carlin, Sam Kinnison, and other politically incorrect comedy that could never be made today! Seinfeld! CRT TVs! Cell phones the size of bricks! Nu-metal! Shopping malls! I’ll meet you at the arcade by the Hot Topic and the Orange Julius! We can pump a bunch of quarters …

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Art That Hurts

Every so often, certain corners of the commentariat are subject to a paroxysm of debate whereby a man of the left mocks “conservatives” for being unable to make great art, stating boldly that they are incapable of such, will never make the next great art, and that art is fundamentally anti-conservative. This provokes the predictable …

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Vacuum Sealed

The phalanx was a rectangular military formation most well-known for being the preferred fighting tactic of Ancient Greek hoplites. The phalanx presented a wall of shields in the front ranks, with the first few ranks thrusting their spears out to project a porcupine-like exterior. Each hoplite had his shield locked with the man to his …

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The Final Home: The Swordbringer, Book 3

The exciting conclusion to Alexander Hellene’s sword-and-planet trilogy, The Swordbringer!