Alexander Hellene


The Ratchet Always Turns One Way

Today, I present an interview with a person I think you’ll really like hearing from: me. Alexander Hellene: Alex—may I call you Alex? Alexander Hellene:

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Sledgehammer Messaging

Take a good, long look at this person. Read what they have to say. Truly understand that the hoary cliché from the right that these

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Keeping it Pure

Our music is something that comes naturally to us. When we are writing, we don’t listen to what is popular at the moment. We write

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Look, I like video games. I grew up as a gamer. Being born in 1981, video games were unavoidable. Whether it was my maternal grandmother’s

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No -gates Allowed

I’ve been semi-obsessed with the band Black Midi lately. Black Midi is a trio of British lads barely out of high school who released their

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The Final Home: The Swordbringer, Book 3

The exciting conclusion to Alexander Hellene’s sword-and-planet trilogy, The Swordbringer!