Alexander Hellene


Guard Against

I sometimes think about the world we live in, how boundless it seems but how constrained it is. Anything is available and everything is for

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Not For You

There’s a sentiment going around yet again that certain works of art, called “the classics,” which presumably means the Western canon, were not created for

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Happiness in Magazines

The third in what will be an informal series of posts touching on life in the pre-Internet age. I miss the camaraderie, the sense of

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Do whatever you want. I really don’t care. There is no College Board of Life mandating certain prerequisites be met for every little task. Obviously,

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The Price of Failure

I am obliged to confess that I should sooner live in a society governed by the first two thousand names in the Boston telephone directory

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The Final Home: The Swordbringer, Book 3

The exciting conclusion to Alexander Hellene’s sword-and-planet trilogy, The Swordbringer!