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Appendix A, from Dreamers & Misfits

Rush fan survey

For you all, here are the results of the Rush fan survey I run for Dreamers & Misfits. So who is a Rush fan? Look here. 

If you want to know more, you should read my book

Dreamers & Misfits

The Definitive Book About Rush Fans

by Alexander Hellene (Author)

There Is Nothing Average About the Average Rush Fan!

Rush, the legendary Canadian progressive rock trio, has a legion of devoted fans. But what is it about the band that inspires such a loyal and dedicated fan base? And what is it about these fans that has created this powerful bond between artist and audience?

The story of these fans has never been told . . . until now.

  • Exclusive interviews, including Donna Halper, the woman who broke Rush in the United States, and Ed Stenger, proprietor of, one of the biggest Rush fan sites on the internet.
  • Detailed survey results illuminating what makes hundreds of Rush fans tick.
  • An exploration of the interest, politics, faith, and philosophy of the millions of people across the globe who find meaning in the music and lyrics of Rush.
  • In-depth fan profiles, where Rush fans tell their stories about what this band means to them.
  • Concert memories, personal anecdotes, and fan favorite songs and albums.

Dreamers and Misfits presents a celebration of Rush’s music and the fans who inspired and propelled the band to such dizzying heights.

One things is certain: there is nothing “average” about the average Rush fan.

The Final Home: The Swordbringer, Book 3

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