Alexander Hellene

Month: November 2021


The wizard sits deep in his chair, darkness shrouding all save for the glowing sphere at the center of his table. He is old, old and tired, much like this dusty library at the top of his tallest tower. Though it is a humid summer night, he wears his robe and has the cowl pulled …

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Future Works

The old age home looks the same as it has for the past twenty years. My parents wondered why we stuck them here so soon; “Seventy isn’t old!” they said. But they sure looked it. Flabby, gray, wrinkles everywhere. No muscle definition. Always wearing masks. “Have you seen the price of home care?” we told …

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Withering Touch

Withering Touch. 7th-level necromancy. Classes: cleric, sorcerer, warlock, wizard. Casting Time: 1 action. Range: touch. Components: Verbal, Somatic. Duration: instantaneous. You touch a creature and its flesh instantly putrefies, rots, and sloughs off, leaving it crippled. The target must succeed a Constitution saving throw or its Strength and Constitution scores are each reduced by 1d6. …

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The Final Home: The Swordbringer, Book 3

The exciting conclusion to Alexander Hellene’s sword-and-planet trilogy, The Swordbringer!