Alexander Hellene

Month: September 2021

The Cool Kids

“Hey you! Yeah, you reading this. I hate you. Everything about you. I hope you die. I hope your family dies. I hope that you and your family get sick, tortured, dismembered, and then die, after a long, slow, and excruciatingly painful process. I hope it gets televised. I will get the popcorn ready and …

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Anti-Humanism, Part II: All Fiction is Message Fiction

Part I October 18, 2021 Update: I have been made aware by commenter Hardwicke Benthow that the quotations shared in the original version of this post are apocryphal at best, and outright fabrications at worst. Hardwick is a very credible individual, and independent research of my own (which I, alas, should have conducted before publishing) …

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Anti-Humanism, Part I: Depopulation Blues

SHIT! The Musical a review by Marissa Putnam, New York Times “Shit. It’s everywhere. In the air you breathe. In the water you drink. Yes, you’re full of it. And not just metaphorically.” Thus begins Rudolph Eisenberg’s newest Broadway production, SHIT! The Musical Based on his well-received documentary of the same name released last year, …

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Vacuum Sealed

The phalanx was a rectangular military formation most well-known for being the preferred fighting tactic of Ancient Greek hoplites. The phalanx presented a wall of shields in the front ranks, with the first few ranks thrusting their spears out to project a porcupine-like exterior. Each hoplite had his shield locked with the man to his …

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The Final Home: The Swordbringer, Book 3

The exciting conclusion to Alexander Hellene’s sword-and-planet trilogy, The Swordbringer!